AGU Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

The AGU Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan is now available. The plan addresses five core goals:

Goal 1: Diversity and inclusion are widely recognized within the AGU community as essential features of excellence in the Earth and space sciences.

Goal 2: AGU provides a safe, welcoming environment and cultivates an inclusive culture that supports the success of every individual AGU member and their science.

Goal 3: AGU members are empowered to be effective and impactful change agents for diversity and inclusion within the Earth and space science community.

Goal 4: AGU embraces and fulfills its role as a leader and advocate for promoting diversity and inclusion in the Earth and space sciences worldwide.

Goal 5: AGU operates as a model organization for advancing diversity and inclusion in science.


AGU defines “diversity” as the full spectrum of personal attributes, cultural affiliations, and professional or socioeconomic statuses that characterize individuals within society. Collectively, these identities inform and shape one’s scientific ways of thinking. AGU values diversity because it catalyzes productivity in the Earth and space science enterprise, fosters the professional success of AGU’s members, increases the vitality of the AGU organization, and enhances the societal relevance and impact of AGU science.


AGU defines “inclusion” as valuing the contributions of diversity to the Earth and space sciences and respecting the individual identities of participants engaged in executing AGU’s vision, mission, and strategic priorities. Inclusion encompasses proactive efforts to provide equitable access to AGU membership and to all AGU programs, resources, honors, and leadership positions, regardless of personal identity and background, and to ensure that AGU is a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for all Earth and space scientists. AGU strives to cultivate a culture of respect and be a model organization—and scientific community—for inclusive practices. We strive for this objective of inclusivity because it augments the quality and impact of the Earth and space science enterprise and its workforce; it directly supports the personal fulfillment, career success, and impact of AGU members by facilitation of their contributions; and it is the morally and ethically right thing to do.