Report an Allegation

Allegations regarding misconduct by AGU members or authors in connection with AGU activities (publications, presentation, and other official duties) must be submitted in writing either directly to the chair of the Ethics Committee or to  The chair will consider the allegations and determine if a full investigation by the Ethics Committee is warranted.  All parties will be bound to treat all documents and information with the highest degree of confidentiality throughout and after the process.  Failure to do so is deemed a serious breach of these guidelines.  Please see more information outlining the roles and process for investigations.

The allegation must contain the following information:

  1. The name and affiliation of the person(s) submitting the allegation and the name and identifying information of the person(s) alleged to have committed the scientific misconduct.
  2. A description of the allegation that includes the date and circumstances of the alleged misconduct.
  3. Any documents or other relevant items (such as data, scientific papers, memos, etc.) with annotation showing specifically how the item relates to the allegation.
  4. An explanation of how the allegation relates to scientific misconduct as defined in this policy.
  5. A statement explaining any conflict(s) of interest the person making the allegation has with the subject(s), entity(ies), or situation(s) named in the allegation.  A conflict of interest does not preclude the filing of an allegation.

Allegations may be returned if they do not contain the above information.  Allegations may be submitted via e-mail to

Allegations may also be submitted in writing to the following:

Chair of the AGU Ethics Committee and the AGU VP of Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion
2000 Florida Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20009-1277, USA